Challenge: Driving 45 minutes for a 1 or 2 hour service call discourages many contractors from working with service networks. For those who do, warranty calls become a ‘filler’ between direct customers which typically pay a higher margin.

Solution: The LocalFix dynamic pricing algorithm quickly identifies the most optimal contractor tech for a service call for each day of the week. If a contractor crew has availability but will not be near that address, they are de-emphasized on price. Contractors who participate in service networks enjoy better margins resulting in higher customer service.


Other Key Features:

Cloud-based: LocalFix can be anywhere you want to go

Easily connect to partners within your service networks

Seamlessly manage contractor jobs and track progress via the mobile app

Access prior customer maintenance history including charges and serial numbers of replace parts

Submit and receive approval on real-time change orders including photo capture

Capture customer signatures on site

Track real-time progress of service calls for a given day using the job board

Optional dynamic pricing feature to ensure best rates & shortest travel times