The Home Service Edge

Why did we start this service?

We at LocalFix recognized a market need for a truly affordable and convenient solution for providing simple appliance, plumbing and repair services to the residential market. In order to provide services for far less cost than existing alternatives (such as ‘phonebook scheduling’ or home warranty), Home Service Edge only sells service plans to homeowners through low cost channels such as:

1) HOA and Property Managers

2) HOA Organizations

3) Realtors

How are homeowners billed?

Homeowners signup through our site and will be billed monthly through their credit card. Monthly subscription payments are automatically split and are automatically delivered to your bank account through a simple payment interface.

What does Home Service Edge include?

From the date a homeowner registers they are entitled to free labor on one annual maintenance call and two annual repair calls. We have also included a 10% discount on parts costs. On top of those benefits, homeowners also receive a 10% discount on supplemental services booked through LocalFix, including handyman work.

Who is responsible for providing the service?

LocalFix has partnered with high quality repair technicians to service repair and maintenance requests. We stand behind each contractor and will ensure each reasonable service request is closed in a satisfactory manner. LocalFix will also handle reimbursements to the technicians.

How do the channel partners (HOAs and Realtors) make money?

LocalFix tracks every homeowner who registers with Home Service Edge and will issue funds back to the channel originator on a monthly basis.

Can homeowners cancel at anytime?

Of course. Homeowners will simply need to let us know either in an email or phone call 7 days in advance so we can adjust the billing cycle.

Is it really a great deal?

LocalFix is the only self-serve scheduling portal to incorporate price optimization with full mobile automation. This eliminates expensive inefficient processes affecting both homeowners and technicians alike.

Compare Home Service Edge to the Alternatives:

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