LocalFix Home Service Edge is the first platform to unlock the group buying power hidden in every residential building and community for maintenance and repair services.

Home Service Edge includes an innovative self-serve and disruptive technology platform that completely transforms how residents of buildings and communities interact with HVAC and appliance technicians. The result is significant cost savings and increased convenience for both users (homeowners) and providers (technicians), as well as additional revenue for HOA Managers, HOAs, Property Managers and Realtors.

The best part about Home Service Edge is that homeowners in communities and building don’t have to wait until something breaks before they take advantage of the benefits. We’ve included a free annual maintenance call and discount on ancillary services which together often pay for themselves


Compare Home Service Edge to the Alternatives:

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Shared Revenue Models

If you manage or work with residents, the most important feature of Home Service Edge is how it can deliver revenue for you. Our shared revenue model automatically distributes a portion of each subscription to HOA Managers, HOA’s, Property Managers and even Realtors who sponsor the platform in buildings or communities.