Challenge: Originators of service calls have pricing agreements with contractors in their networks which are based upon inefficient scheduling costs. Costs for both originators and service contractors in the network are sub-optimized effecting margins of both parties. Ultimately, these cost inefficiencies are passed along to customers effecting all parties within the process.

Solution: LocalFix’s dynamic pricing algorithms allow originators to vary the reimbursement to contractors based upon optimization algorithms. When customers can be managed to the least cost availability, service costs are reduced accordingly. Alternatively, on the unique occasion when a contractor must service a customer with significant drive time, their price is adjusted accordingly. Through better management of service calls, margins for both originators and contractors are increased.


Other Key Features:

Cloud-based: LocalFix can be anywhere you want to go

Easily connect to contractors

Seamlessly manage contractor jobs and track progress via the mobile app

Capture photos on site

Record customer signatures on site

Track progress of appointments for a given day using the job board

Optional dynamic pricing feature to ensure best rates & shortest travel times